Little Lending Library

A picture of the Little Lending Library at the Chicken Farm Art Center.Photo of SAFE's Little Lending Library

Environmental Education

San Angelo Friends of the Environment believes that education about environmental topics is vital to creating a community that values Mother Earth.

Our Little Lending Library is just one of the ways we support continued education. Stocked with books on biology, ecology, natural resources, and environmental activism, books are available to all members of the community for free.

So please, feel free to borrow a book and learn something new. There are no deadlines to return books, so you can take your time and enjoy them. When you've finished a book, bring it back and swap it out for something else.

Graphic announcing SAFE's Little Lending Library is open at the Chicken Farm Art Center.

SAFE's goal is to keep a wide variety of environmentally-based books in our Little Lending Library. From environmental classics like Silent Spring, to kids' books about recycling, to the science exploring Nature's effects on mental health, we've got a little bit of everything.

Donate to SAFE's Little Lending Library

If you have some extra books collecting dust, and would like to donate them to our library, we'd be delighted to add them to our collection. Simply add them to the library at the Chicken Farm Art Center, or email, and we can arrange a time and place to pick them up from you.

If you'd like to donate to the book fund, we've set up a donation link here:

SAFE's Little Lending Library Book Fund

Donations are processed through Square for your security.

If you'd rather send us some books, we also have an Amazon Charity Wish List with some books we think would be great additions to our collection.

Future Locations for Little Lending Libraries

We would love to expand and have multiple Little Lending Libraries around San Angelo. As we expand our book collection, we will be looking for more locations that are easily accessible and in areas where people visit frequently.

If you have a location like this, and willing and able to allow us to set up a Little Lending Library at your location, please let us know!